Friday, October 2, 2020

October Goals

 Seriously, how it already October. September seems like a blur. I worked hard to create solid rituals and routines this summer. Then this past month I did absolutely nothing. All of my goals, routines didn’t matter and I watched a ridiculous amount of TV. I got sluggish and my brain and body went back into the easy habits. 

The beginning of September I was in a really dark place with my anxiety. I put so much pressure on myself for a certain situation because I wanted out of another situation. I know it’s super cryptic but not ready to give full details yet. But I realized during that time I had been focusing so much on my professional life and not enough in my personal. A goal for the future is working on separation between personal and professional life. Not being in the professional or business mindset ALL THE TIME. Which is really hard because I am launching 2 more business in October. 

It’s crazy that we are in the LAST 3 months of 2020. I feel so lost and confused on my goals. It’s mostly because I haven’t spend time defining my goals. It’s easy to write the goals down but I failed to create a plan to accomplish those the goals. I’m debating on purchasing power sheets this year and digging deep into that but I also feel guilty spending money on paper things. I go back and forth between doing everything electronic or paper based. (Not sure why I feel it has to be 100% one or the other, but I expect a blog post to come from this debate.)

In September I wanted to accomplish:

  • Finish watching Dave Ramsey Videos -  DONE!! Gary and I were out for dinner and I brought this up to him. He said we finished them a few months ago.
  • Workout: Strength Training 3x/week and Cardio 4x/week - FAIL!! I mostly did cardio because I wanted to prep for RowHouse. We are finally open, and I wanted to be amazing for that! I have the workout written.
  • Read: At least 1 hour - FAIL!! I also realized that I need to do this daily. Part of August and September I felt stagnant and it didn’t feel good. Reading is huge for me. Even if I am learning it’s still a self care for me. My brain needs to have that! 
  • Create a Financial Budget: KINDA!! We need to sit down and discuss things more but we have a good foundation. The major win for this month was putting everything into mint and seeing it from there. Not to go too personal, but Gary and I have different ways to learning and doing the budget. I love mint because I can sort into categories and see where our money is going. He likes the pen and paper way. He also does it in a way that makes ZERO sense to me. We have had several disagreements, but we have learned that we both get to the same number and that’s what really matters! 
  • Blog 10x in September: FAIL!! I only blogged twice, which is a major fail! I have sat down and created a editorial calendar for the rest of the year. Now I just need to write them out. This is also where I need to get organized with everything! 
  • Get Email Set up: KINDA!! I have my email marketing company picked out and I have worked on a few emails. Now I just need to send them out. 
  • Complete Powersheets: FAIL! I filled out every line in my powersheets which was really empowering for August, but then my anxiety happened. There was a whole week in September I was in a horrible headspace, and couldn’t recover. 
Recap of September: 
Looking at everything on paper it looks like September was a fail, but I actually learned so much about myself. Which makes it a win for me! September was a month that I learned more about myself as a person and how to move forward.

In October I want to accomplish: 
  • Workout: Strength Training 3x/week and Cardio 3x/week with Saturday as a active recovery day. Cardio is going to be Couch to 5K.
  • Financial Budget: More in control of finances by checking it our money weekly. 
  • Blog 12x this month: Monday is Wellness, Wednesday is Workout, and Friday is Lifestyle. 
  • Powersheets: Fill every line with something to accomplish and at the end of the month it filled out whether or not I complete it. 
  • Everything be launched: Everything in the “secret project” I talked about on Instagram be launched and done. (Not perfect but done)

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