Tuesday, October 27, 2020

4 Things - October 2020

 Each month I am going to share with you 4 things about myself. It's on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Why 4? It's my favorite number. 

My goal is that this become something that we can share and learn about each other. When I started blogging, I was a lot easier than it is now. I felt like it was more community and getting to know people. Sometimes I feel blogging now is all promotion. Don't get me wrong I'll be promoting stuff on here too much I want it to be bigger than that. 

I want to get to know you. Not just the big stuff but the little stuff too. 

I have had a blog since 2009. 

My blog/website/space (whatever you want to call it) has been named so many different things over the past 11 years. Some years I didn't write, some years I was super consistent. Do regret not being consistent, but baseball moves took over my life. It was first more of a Christian blog. I came back to the church after many years away. I was in a really dark spot in my life. So it was a way to journal through it. I actually never intended for people to see it. 

Then it became what a lifestyle blog (before blogs were put into categories). I had just gotten engaged, and we have family all over the US. So we wanted to use it as a space to share our lives. Then I went to my name. When I changed it to my name I didn't write very much. That was probably the least favorite. I didn't have any goals or direction.

Next was The Fitness Gypsy. I wanted it to be a travel fitness blog. I miss this the most. I should have been more committed to the name. I LOVE the name, but I was so WORRIED about offending people with the name gyspy. Now I am at Jessa Olson Wellness. Everything fitness, wellness, and lifestyle

Extremely Organized. 

Everything has to have it's perfect spot in my bag, car, desk, etc. I can not work in clutter. Which has been a struggle since I do work from home a few days a week. I am having to learn how to turn my back and focus on the space I am in. 

My planner HAS TO BE color coded or else all the black or blue overwhelms me. I know it can drive my husband crazy, because we have so many pens around the house. 

Heisman Barkley Olson

He is our half Dachshund and half Jack Russell. We got him our first Christmas together. He is seriously the best pup ever. My biggest regret with him is not introducing him to more dogs when he was a pup. He does not like other dogs, but people he loves. 

He is named after the Heisman Trophy. Matt Barkley when he was playing at USC. During the fall, we obviously watch college football. When the announcers make a comment that he is a Heisman candidate he'll look to the TV. It's super funny and cute. 

I love to crochet. 

This is a hobby that I wish I am more consistent at doing. I learned to crochet maybe 10 years ago. I only crochet things without a pattern because I am so sporadic. My favorite is earwarmers or headbands. 

I attempted to have an Etsy store about 7 years ago. I was encouraged by another blogger I was friends with at the time, I actually really loved it. I didn't have a plan for it. During quarantine I decided to relaunch the business. I'll be sharing more about that later. 

Friday, October 2, 2020

October Goals

 Seriously, how it already October. September seems like a blur. I worked hard to create solid rituals and routines this summer. Then this past month I did absolutely nothing. All of my goals, routines didn’t matter and I watched a ridiculous amount of TV. I got sluggish and my brain and body went back into the easy habits. 

The beginning of September I was in a really dark place with my anxiety. I put so much pressure on myself for a certain situation because I wanted out of another situation. I know it’s super cryptic but not ready to give full details yet. But I realized during that time I had been focusing so much on my professional life and not enough in my personal. A goal for the future is working on separation between personal and professional life. Not being in the professional or business mindset ALL THE TIME. Which is really hard because I am launching 2 more business in October. 

It’s crazy that we are in the LAST 3 months of 2020. I feel so lost and confused on my goals. It’s mostly because I haven’t spend time defining my goals. It’s easy to write the goals down but I failed to create a plan to accomplish those the goals. I’m debating on purchasing power sheets this year and digging deep into that but I also feel guilty spending money on paper things. I go back and forth between doing everything electronic or paper based. (Not sure why I feel it has to be 100% one or the other, but I expect a blog post to come from this debate.)

In September I wanted to accomplish:

  • Finish watching Dave Ramsey Videos -  DONE!! Gary and I were out for dinner and I brought this up to him. He said we finished them a few months ago.
  • Workout: Strength Training 3x/week and Cardio 4x/week - FAIL!! I mostly did cardio because I wanted to prep for RowHouse. We are finally open, and I wanted to be amazing for that! I have the workout written.
  • Read: At least 1 hour - FAIL!! I also realized that I need to do this daily. Part of August and September I felt stagnant and it didn’t feel good. Reading is huge for me. Even if I am learning it’s still a self care for me. My brain needs to have that! 
  • Create a Financial Budget: KINDA!! We need to sit down and discuss things more but we have a good foundation. The major win for this month was putting everything into mint and seeing it from there. Not to go too personal, but Gary and I have different ways to learning and doing the budget. I love mint because I can sort into categories and see where our money is going. He likes the pen and paper way. He also does it in a way that makes ZERO sense to me. We have had several disagreements, but we have learned that we both get to the same number and that’s what really matters! 
  • Blog 10x in September: FAIL!! I only blogged twice, which is a major fail! I have sat down and created a editorial calendar for the rest of the year. Now I just need to write them out. This is also where I need to get organized with everything! 
  • Get Email Set up: KINDA!! I have my email marketing company picked out and I have worked on a few emails. Now I just need to send them out. 
  • Complete Powersheets: FAIL! I filled out every line in my powersheets which was really empowering for August, but then my anxiety happened. There was a whole week in September I was in a horrible headspace, and couldn’t recover. 
Recap of September: 
Looking at everything on paper it looks like September was a fail, but I actually learned so much about myself. Which makes it a win for me! September was a month that I learned more about myself as a person and how to move forward.

In October I want to accomplish: 
  • Workout: Strength Training 3x/week and Cardio 3x/week with Saturday as a active recovery day. Cardio is going to be Couch to 5K.
  • Financial Budget: More in control of finances by checking it our money weekly. 
  • Blog 12x this month: Monday is Wellness, Wednesday is Workout, and Friday is Lifestyle. 
  • Powersheets: Fill every line with something to accomplish and at the end of the month it filled out whether or not I complete it. 
  • Everything be launched: Everything in the “secret project” I talked about on Instagram be launched and done. (Not perfect but done)

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