Tuesday, September 22, 2020

4 Things - September 2020

 Each month I am going to share with you 4 things about myself. It will be on the 4 Tuesday of every month! What's with all the 4s? It's my favorite number. 

I've been married 9 years. 

My husband and I have been married for 9 years. We got married in April 2011. The same weekend as the Prince William and Dutchess Kate. It's was also the same weekend as the NFL Draft. We have wedding photos of the girls watching the Royal Wedding, and the guys watching the Draft. 

I wanted to be a music teacher. Music was my first major in college.

In high school, I loved music. I wanted to be a music teacher, because I had the BEST music teachers. I wanted to be just like them. I went to a college in Arkansas that the best music program in the state. I hated it. I wanted to experience everything college, and the music department wanted to me be all music all the time. Because I wanted to socialize with other groups, they made my life miserable. The best thing that happened before I left we had audition for concert band. I got really high and beat out a bunch of people that were rude to me. It was great, but I left before the spring semester. 

I'm a personal trainer.

I got certified as a personal trainer 4 years ago. I have been taking clients by word of mouth, but I am now spreading out and ACTUALLY promoting myself. I also teach group fitness in different areas around the Valley. Despite not being into fitness most of my life, I am really enjoying it. I love talking to people, and helping them reach their fitness goals. 

I'm fiercely loyal. 

I am loyal to a fault. Sometimes too loyal that I need to stand up for myself or cut ties with people. But I can't. I want to see the good in people, and they had a bad day or something else. 

I want to know something about you. Leave it in the comments. 

Friday, September 18, 2020

My Beginning Thought of Bible Study Fellowship

 A few goals of mine have been to read the Bible all the way through, and be deeper in my faith. Deeper in my faith means believing it both in my heart and my mind. I can remember twice that I have truly felt this way. The first was right before I was about to graduate college and when we first moved to West Virginia. I felt it most when we visited a friend in Michigan. 


Bible Study Fellowship is international bible study. Each group meets on a different day and time based on what works in your life. They have day and night with and without child care. The child care is an option is a age based version of what the adults are doing in their study. Each year the study changes - the options are Genesis, People of the Promised Land 1 and 2, Isaiah, Matthew, John, Romans, Revelation, Moses, Acts and Letters of the Apostles 1 and 2. 

This year is Genesis. Normally each week starts off with your small group going over questions from the past week. After small group is lecture preparing us the week ahead. When you leave you’re giving a booklet about 10-15 pages. The notes are the first part of the booklet. It depends on the week, then the last 2 pages are questions. There are 5 days of questions with each day being 2 or 3 questions. And these questions make you think! It is not something that you can do in 15-20 minutes. 


The first time I did Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) was when I was living in Tulsa. I don’t remember how I heard about it, but I really enjoyed it. It has been awhile and I believe that the first time I we did John. (I honestly can’t remember.) I didn’t finish  the whole season. I think I joined half way into the year. 

The second time I did BSF was my last year in college, again I only did half of it. I graduated in December then never joined a joined in group where I was. I loved this group of ladies. It was a few ladies from each age demographic and varies stages in their faith life. I learned so much from these ladies, and wish I still keep in touch with them. 

The third time I did it was in Washington. I only stopped because we moved to California. I didn’t join a group in California because I was trying to find another job. I was more focused on getting settled than joining another group. I want to say it was Revelations, but that’s a pure guess. 

This is my fourth group and we are studying Genesis. We had our first get to you meeting last Monday. Since we are in a new time they didn’t send the packets, but I was able to get a copy of all the notes for the year. I’m really stoked that I was able to get the whole year just in case something happens. 


I’m really excited for this year because I struggle with the beginning books of the Bible. I am looking forward to actually finishing a study. I really love BSF because I want to get deeper and more spiritual in my faith. I also really love the amount in knowledge that each study has which fulfills my need to know everything. 

I am a little nervous that it is Genesis. I was really hoping that it was Romans or Isaiah. This one was probably towards the end of my list, but I am going in with an open mind. I know that I am here for a reason with this particular study. 


Minus the obvious goal to finish. 

Another goal is to develop and coming into a good morning routine and bible study time before I start my day. 

When I read the Bible I know it to be true in my head, but I really want it to be true in my heart. I want to be anchored in the Bible and it’s truth. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

September Goals

Seriously, how it is September! I know it's so cliche and everyone is saying it BUT it's so true!! I have been stuck at home since July 13th, and ready to get back to some sense of normal. I don't think things will ever be the normal like we are use to for a LONG time if ever.

Update on Life:
I'm still furloughed. I am working on some secret project that have started to fulfill me more. I am miss interacting with people. I miss the face to face interactions. I live for Thursday when I go to San Jose for RowHouse. I haven't heard anything from my bosses on when we can go back to work (or any updates), but I live in California. I saw a tweet from another fitness professional saying that it would be December 12th by the time gyms would open based on current trends. (He lives in LA, but everything seems based on their number. Even though I live Northern California)

In August I want to accomplish: 

  • Finish watching Dave Ramsey financial videos
    • FAILED! We haven't watched the videos since July. I think we only have 3 left. 
  • Complete my vision board
    • DONE! I have my pinterest board, but now I want to make collage to put on my desk, and screensavers. 
  • Submit video for RowHouse
    • DONE! And I PASSED!! I am officially a RowHouse North San Jose coach. I'll also be a visiting coach for Pleasanton. 
  • Read (not listen) 1 hour a day
    • DONE! I didn't keep very good track on this, but I think I read everyday. 
  • Workout: Cardio 3x Strength 3x
    • FAILED!! I was so focused on my rowing. 
  • Morning & Evening Routine
    • DONE! Feels good have ritual and routine in place. 
  • Special Project: Not ready to discuss with anyone
    • DONE! Everyday I worked on something towards one (if not all) my secret projects. 

In September I want to accomplish: 

  • Finish watching Dave Ramsey Videos
  • Workout: Strength Training 3x/week and Cardio 4x/week
  • Read: 1 hour at least
  • Create financial budget
  • Blog 10x this month
  • Get email list set up. 
  • Complete everything on Powersheet
What are your goals for September? 
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