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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

How to Have the Best Workout

Just because I am trainer and work at gym doesn't means I have my workouts or days planned. Honestly I usually don't. I struggle with coming up with workouts to keep myself entertained. I can get bored pretty easily. I struggle with working out everyday after I have been at the gym all day. I don't consider teaching the classes as my workouts. I am focused on giving my clients the best workout. 

These are some tips that have worked for me when I am in a funk: 

1. Write it down. 

If i just write workout then I usually don't do it, but if I write the work out I'm more likely to do it. In the past I've been good with looking at my phone, but lately loving printed workouts. 

2. Plan your workouts. 

This can mean muscle specific workouts or total body workouts. I do more total body or hiit style workouts. Gary prefers muscle specific. Try both out to see what you like. 

3. Know your strengths: 

I am much more productive in the mornings than I am in the nights. So I work out in the morning. 

4. Drink water: 

Make it a game. Add flavor. Ideally you want to have half your body weight in ounces. If you are 150 pounds shoot for 75 ounces of water. I suggest working up to this amount if you this is a big number to you. 

5. Accountability Partner: 

Gary and I go to the gym together. In the past we have been horrible accountability partners, but now we are on a good path. 

6. Have fun: 

The workouts should be something that you want to do. When I am designing a workout. I always double check to see if they will enjoy doing some of the exercises. 

7. Rest/Cheat Days: 

I try to have two rest and cheat days. I try to not have mine consecutively because that's just a slippery slide for me to stop going. 

8. Eat: 

Eat something. I try to eat 3-4 meals/snacks per day. Sometimes its more and sometimes it's less. I log my food into MyFitnessPal to help see how much I am eating. If the bag says 1 serving I usually put down 1 1/2. I overestimate what I eat most of the time. 

9. Set out clothes: 

If I know that I am working out in the am then I try to sleep in my workout clothes. If I am working out at night after work then I try to have them ready to go in my workout bag. 

Everyday is different and don't compare yesterdays workout to todays. Do the best you can for the workout you are doing. 

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