Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Home Gym Essentials

Working out at home is acquired taste. I have always enjoyed working out at home or anywhere that’s not a gym. It wasn’t until I started working at gym that I worked out a gym. Baseball life is hectic, so why have the extra expense.

I strongly believe that you can workout anywhere. You don’t need a lot of equipment. 

Here are some of the essentials: 
Resistance Bands: I have both small and large resistance bands. The smaller fit around my thighs, and the larger ones that almost as tall as I am. I personally like the smaller ones, but find what works best for you. 

Dumbbells: I would recommend a variety of weights. I really want to get the one that has the adjustable weights. I have a bunch of smaller weights for barre and Pilates. 

Kettlebells: These are my favorite to workout because I often use kettlebells in exchange for dumbbells. Plus there are so much more workouts you can do with kettlebells as well. 

TRX: This was one of the first things I purchased. You can hang it practically anywhere. The best thing about TRX is YOU control how hard or easy you want the workout. IF you want harder step closer towards the anchor, and easier step away from the anchor. 

Outside: If the weather is right you can go outside. I am fair weather walker/jogger/runner. I don’t like to run a lot of different elements. It’s also free, so you can’t beat that if you are on budget. 

Jump Rope: Again if you are on a budget this is a good one. It’s a workout that it harder than it looks. 

Bodyweight Exercises: There are some exercises that are will get your heart rate up. For example, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, and squat jumps. Anything plyo or jumping will raise the heart rate. 

Peloton: I personally haven’t used it, but from most of the reviews that I have read it’s a good deal. 

Treadmill: I don’t have a specific brand, but in the gyms that I have worked at life fitness has been a good brand. 

Battle Ropes: It is a good total body workout if you can get these. 

Rower Machines: I would love a rower at my place. Rower machines are cardio, but another form of ultizing every muscle group. 

Yoga Mats: For me I haven’t found a yoga mat that I can’t live without. I usually get mine at TJMAXX. People have said lululemon and Manduka are great. 

Foam Roller: I have a variety of different types. I have the typical black foam roller. I also have accessory pieces as well. I have a spike rock ball and smooth. I often tell clients that they can use softball or lacrosse balls as well. 

This is just a basic beginner set. You can always add more for details, but this a great start if you are wanting to create your own home gym.

What do you have at home? What do you wish you had?

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