Thursday, April 9, 2020

Why I Became A Personal Trainer

I haven't always been into fitness, but I am so glad that I got certified and been teaching for the past 2 years. Fitness is a second career to choice. When I was in college I wanted to work in sports, and I did work in sports for 3 years. There are so days I miss it, and some days I'm glad to have moved on. I think anyone who knew me growing up wouldn't think I would be fitness instructor.

Growing Up

I was also the REALLY skinny kid growing up. Like I was really skinny. Everyone would ask me if I had a eating disorder. Unfortunately, kids are mean there were several rumors about me with eating disorders. I would say No, I just have a fast metabolism. (No one believed me.) I have always loved photography. I can't remember a time when I didn't have a camera/phone in my hand taking pictures.

In high school I was loved art things. I loved photography, and thought about doing that for a short time. I loved a variety of music was totally into music. I feel like music was my identity during that time. When I graduated high school, I went to Henderson State University with a music major. I wanted to be a music teacher. (I had some of the best music teachers, and wanted to emulate them.) Long story that didn't work out, but I'm ok with that. 


I was still pretty skinny, and not tone. I would work out every now and again, but nothing consistent.
I had a variety of majors in college. I just didn't know what I wanted to be "when I grew up." I started with a music major for a year. Then went into business at a community college with an emphasis in sports and event industry. During that time I loved what I was learning. Then I transferred to Iowa State University to finish up my degree. I actually regret going to ISU, but I was told I needed a bachelor degree. (I could write a whole blog or book about what I thought about college.) I graduated Iowa State with a degree in business especially Marketing with a minor in Journalism and statistics. Myinternships were sports or event related. 

After Graduation

Right before I graduated I met my husband. He worked in sports as well. We tried both working sports, but when we lived in West Virginia there was only 1 team within distance. He worked for that team, and some of the upper management wouldn't let spouses work together. (Even though I was overly qualified for the job.) When we lived in WV, I got some random jobs just to pay the bills. But I also started working with a personal trainer. She thought I would be great at it. It took a while to convince, but I finally looked into more. After reading the first chapter I knew this would be perfect avenue for me.

Working in Baseball

With Gary working in baseball climbing the ladder isn't lineral like within most other professions. Sometimes to climb the ladder to the goal (ours being a GM) is moving. We moved a lot, some think we should stay put for a while but we make decisions together for what we think would be best for the BOTH of us. I'm hoping we stay in our current location for a while, but I'll be fine with moving.

My second career choice was one that I wanted to be able to take with me anywhere. I wanted a skill that I could do anywhere. Because when I lived in WV even though I have a business degree, people wouldn't hire me (and they told me this) because we were going to leave at the end of the season. They didn't want to hire me and then have to train someone else. Even though I told them that's not who it works, they already made up their mind. 

Choosing A Certification

When deciding on a certification, I only was debating between 2 - American Council of Exercise (ACE or National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) At the time these were the 2 most reputable businesses for getting certified. There are so many different certifications companies out there. I suggest reaching where you want to work and what they would like. All my dream job places had ACE on their list, so I went with that one. Also because they had interest free monthly payments. 

Getting a certification should be something that look into all the types and what are you wanting to do with the certification. I have the ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and currently studying for the ACE Group Fitness Instructor Exam. When I was first starting out I thought I wanted/needed everything to be all the same. (I have brand loyalty like no one else.) But looking back I wish I would have got the NASM Personal Trainer and ACE Group Fitness. (I might go back and get that certification but I have a few more years on my ACE certification)


I am working in a few gyms in my area. I have some online clients that I work with through an app called Ladder. Right now, I do more group training, but looking at going more towards the personal training route. With this quarantine time I am focusing on myself, and getting a lot of the systems in order that I have been working on. 

If this was a lot of reading, cliff notes version. I was in sports. I am not anymore. I wanted a career that I could use to travel with my husband with his crazy baseball schedule/life. Now I am trainer. 

If you need any help with your workout routine, plan, or accountability let me know. I also have tons of workouts here if you need ideas. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Getting Back into a Fitness Routine

My workout routine has been hit and miss for the past few months. I took on a few more group fitness classes, and added more online clients. So by the end of the day, I was exhausted and didn't want to do anything for myself. I was giving to everyone, but forgetting the most important person...myself.

With meetings from my life coach, we came to the realization that my foundation was shattered. So I have been focusing right now on getting my foundation stable which also includes getting back into my own fitness routine.

My first piece of advice is acknowledge that we took a break. We can change the past. It happened so let's move forward. Let's focus on the right now! What can we do right now to get back into the routine we want.

Next we should focus on what are our goals? What are you wanting to accomplish. We all know about SMART goals. (Specific. Measureable. Attainable. Relevant. Time Bound.) So one of my goals is to be able do run a half marathon in under 2 hours and 30 minutes by the September 6, 2010. Specific because I'm focused on a running goal. Measurement is the 2 hours and 30 minutes. Attainable because that's just around 11 minute mile which is about what I run now. Which is something I do put a lot of energy and effort into but that will have to change for this run. Relevant because I have been wanting to run more and the Giants Race over the summer has been a great checklist for me. Time Bound because the last run is in September.
You'll need to figure out what your goal? Also post it everywhere. Tell someone to help hold you accountable. Message me I would love to help hold you accountable.

Third get a plan and have some sort of routine to get back into your fitness routine. I would love to help you with your plan, and you can ALWAYS reach out to me. If you have another trainers challenge do that. (I love Danielle Pascente training programs) With the routine we need to write it down or schedule in our planner.

What do you to do get back into a fitness routine?
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