Monday, January 6, 2020

2020 Goals

I love the New Year! It's kinda like the first day of school. A fresh start. I have always been goal orientated. I love the idea of writing my goal out then being able to cross it off. I am so ready for 2020, and be more focused and intentional with the things that fill up my time and energy.

My Goals for 2020:
(In no particular order)

  1. Read at least 20 books. This included audible. 
  2. Grow my social media. I want to connect with more people over just liking their photo, but create genuine friendships.
  3. Work with 1 brand from my dream list. 
  4. Make our apartment more livable. We have a small apartment, and anytime anything is out of place is looks clutter. 
  5. Create a capsule wardrobe. 
  6. Use my paper planner all year. I go back and forth between electronic and paper planner all the time. 
  7. Positive and uplifting relationships only. This is so hard for the people pleaser in me. I’m so loyal and it’s hard to cut ties even though I know I should for my mental health.
  8. Become a Runner. 
  9. Develop & Stick to a Routine. I feel like I just go from thing to thing without a lot of purpose and passion.
  10. Be able to work part time hours at my full time job.
  11. Blog more
  12. Do some freelance writing
  13. Launch another business idea
  14. Be debt free - minus our SUV payment and student loans. 
  15. Complete most of my 101 things in 1001 days
  16. Do more Poppilates. I’m certified but don’t do very much other than that. 
  17. Travel more
  18. Live a more minimalist lifestyle. My goal is to try and get rid of everything before I purchase anything new. 
  19. Write the Word. I got them at the end of the 2019, and my goal is to write in them everyday. 
  20. Majority of the year close all my rings on my Apple Watch. 

I also love creating a word for the year. This year my word for 2020 is HABITS. I want create better routines in every aspect of my life. I feel like I am just moving from place to place. I also plan on thinking about things before saying yes. These past few years I have said yes no matter what than regret it.

I would love to know your goals for 2020. Let’s keep each other accountable. 

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