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Monday, January 20, 2020

101 in 1001 Days

Besides writing I love a good list. With every blog I have had I've done a 101 in 1001 days. I love lists and goal setting. Steph from Not Entirely Perfect does a great 101 list, and I always look forward to hers. She is a list taking, goal achieving baddie.

Start Date: Sunday, January 19, 2020 

End Date: Sunday, October 22, 2022


1. Be at ideal weight
2. Keep my ideal weight for 3 months (ideally, forever)
3. Wake up at 5am for 30 days 
4. Go to bed no later than 10:30pm for 30 days
5. Give up pop (soda, coke, whatever you call it)
6. Be a mom
9. Get a tattoo with Gary
10. Live in RV
11. Finalize Wardrobe Capsule
12. Celebrate 10 years with Gary
13.  Find a skin care line and routine
14. Create and stick with Morning routine - do consistently for 90 days - ideally forever
15. Create and stick  with Evening routine - do consistently for 90 days - ideally forever
16. Launch another business that I have been thinking about

BLOG - The Jessa Olson Wellness

17. Blog consistent 3 times a week
18. Work with a client from my Dream List
19. Create a media kit
20. Learn Photoshop
21. Reach 1000 views in a day
22. Do a series
23. Write a guest post for a blogger I admire
24. Collaborate with another blogger
25. Collaborate with a blogger with my dream list
26. Become a contributor on a blog
27. Be instagram vertified
28. Launch an workout ebook 
29. Create blog revenue equal to a part time job
30. Create blog revenue equal to full time job
31. Host my own 30 day challenge


32. Run a 5k
33. Run a 10k
34. Run a half marathon
35. Run a whole marathon
36. Drink 64oz of water for 30 days
37. Try a 30 different workout class
38. Urbankick certified and still an ambassador
39. Exercise 4 days a week 
40. Coach at OrangeTheory Fitness
41. Cycle Master Trainer
42. Barre Master Trainer
43. Host my own Stepbet Challenge
44. Be a BibRave Pro Ambassador


45. Get a passport
46. Visit Canada
47. Visit DC
48. Visit NYC
49. Go camping
50. See a broadway show
51. Cruise
52. Visit Louisville 
53. Work on goal to visit 50 states (   /50)
54. Take Amtrak somewhere
55. White water rafting
56. Go to an All-Star Game
57. Hike to see a sunset
58. Hike to see a sunrise
59. Stay at Eloise Suite at The Plaza Hotel
60. Go to Chicago 


61. Tree Lighting Ceremony - Bucket List Rockefeller Center
62. Go to a physic/tarot card/palm reader 
63. Professional photos as a family 
64. Do 5 projects from pinterest
65. Read or listen to 50 books
66. No technology for a day
67. Host a game night
68. Join a book club
69. Brew beer together
70. All Day Spa Treatment
71. Get Acupuncture
72. Stay at a super nice hotel
73. Learn to play tennis
74. Learn to play golf
75. Visit 10 new breweries in California (0/10)


76. Buy a new camera
77. Host both sides of the family for a holiday dinner
78. Establish family traditions
79. No negative talk for 30 days
80. Organize files on flash drive
81. Make the bed for 30 days
82. Find a new hobby
83. Buy a house
84. Learn Calligraphy
85. Learn to shoot a bow and arrow
86. Open an Etsy Shop
87. Have our place fully decorated


88. Create a gratitude journal
89. Create a prayer journal 
90. Read the bible all the way through
91. Find a church family
92. Find a small group
93. Mediate 
94. Pray with Gary every night for 30 days


95. Finalize our Wills, PoAs
96. Have a big amount in savings
97. Be debt free minus student loans
98. Start a retirement account with consistent automatic deposits
99. Have student Loans paid off
100. Have 5 month of expenses saved up
101. Improve my credit score

What's your favorite thing on my list? Do you have a list? 

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