Tuesday, November 24, 2020

4 Things - November 2020

On the 4th Tuesday of each month, I'm here to tell you 4 NEW things about myself. Lots of 4s because that's my favorite number. 

This month is a lot of shamless plugs. I have kept alot of these ideas to myself, and not talked about it until I was 100% perfect ready. Well, 1-It's never going to be perfect. and 2-I'll never be 100% ready. I finished the book High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. I'll probably read this book again very soon, but there is a part of the book where he asked one of his clients. When did you feel like you were the most successful? They responded with when I told people about my goals. Yeah, every village has the idiots who are going to tell you it sucks. But there will be enough village leaders who want you to succeed. 

This also goes along with my thought process of There is enough room for everyone at the table. Come have a sit. Let's talk and grow for each other. I'm sure there are ways to we can even collaborate with each other. I have been in enough situations the competition of putting each other down is exhausting. It also just puts me in a horrible headspace which isn't my best or authentic self. 

Jessa Olson Training

I am FINALLY branching out and taking clients. I do personal training - both online and in person if you are local. I do small group training - you and 3 of your friends. I teach group fitness class at various places around the Modesto area. Message me and I'll give you all the deets. 

Virtually I use the app WeStrive to write your workouts and communication. The way that I train is through a whole health mentality. We focus on the fitness aspect, but also nutrition and mindset. I help take what you are doing now, and make minor changes to where you want to go. My favorite tool is the 5 minute habit. pick one habit and do that for 2 weeks. 

Jessa Olson Wellness/Freelance

This is my blog and freelance writing. I have always been a writer. I grew up with so many journals. Growing up, I though about doing Photojournalism as a major. I wanted to write and take pictures for nature and architecture. I was meant to be a travel writer. 

The plan for my website is to be a place for fitness, wellness, and lifestyle. I want to write about fitness workouts, reviews, and educational pieces. For wellness I want to cover mindset to holistic treatments. Lifestyle is anything not in those topics. 

My big goal for freelance is to one day write for Popsugar or Self. I want to write for those exercising. Not other fitness professionals. I wouldn't turn anything down, but I want to stay in with helping people reach their lifestyle goals. 

Jessa Olson Photography

Right now, it's an instagram page. I'm posting pictures I have taken from my Iphone and past Iphones. I don't have a camera yet, but it is one of my goals in the next few years. 

Long term I am really interested in turning it into a travel blog. I'm taking day by day for the moment. Photography has always been a passion of mine. I still remember my first camera. It was a little pink camera you dropped the film in and had to push until it stopped. I remember making my family pose while I take their picture. 

I looking at adding my pictures into stock picture places, and a few places to sell my pictures. 

Pearls and Stitches Co

I actually started this one 7 years when we were living in Arizona. A blogger friend mentioned that I should start my own shop. I decided to sell elastic hairties and crocheted products. I only did it for a short time then shut down the shop. I really miss that shop and sad that I didn't have a real plan behind it. I think I could have done a lot of good with that. 

I also think that I would have elevated my knitting and crocheting game up. I really love to crochet, but don't make the time for it. It's always the first thing that is pushed to the side. I'm really excited to relaunch this shop. 

Friday, November 6, 2020

November Goals

October was a good month. I really feel like things are getting back to as normal as possible. I am really looking forward to a day when things go back to normal. I need to keep a better journal of what is going on because I can't really remember much of October. I know I worked and picked up the house, but that's all I can remember. 

In October I want to accomplish: 

  • Workout: Strength Training 3x/week and Cardio 3x/week with Saturday as a active recovery day. Cardio is going to be Couch to 5K.
    • FAILED!! Most of my workouts have been classes that I teach. I really need to get in a better workout routine for myself. 
  • Financial Budget: More in control of finances by checking it our money weekly. 
    • DONE!! I have been much more conscience of what I spend my money on. I have been meal planning and prepping the night before on days I work early. 
  • Blog 12x this month: Monday is Wellness, Wednesday is Workout, and Friday is Lifestyle. 
    • FAILED!! I want to write and blog, but every time I sit down I get either so overwhelmed or don't know what to write about.
  • Powersheets: Fill every line with something to accomplish and at the end of the month it filled out whether or not I complete it. 
    • FAILED!! I have given up on powersheets again. I don't know why, but I don't make the time to sit down and write everything out. I love the concept and really want to be able to stick with it, but I don't! 
  • Everything be launched: Everything in the “secret project” I talked about on Instagram be launched and done. (Not perfect but done)
    • DONE!! Everything is launched! Not in the way I wanted, but I'm glad that it's out there more than anything else. 
In November I want to accomplish:
  • Meal Plan and Prep Every Sunday
  • Financial Budget
  • Get Organized with systems in place
  • Close all my rings on my apple watch 5 days a week
I really feel like life is passing me by. I don't feel like I am living my life. I enjoy all the things that I am doing, but sometimes I just feel blah. I don't really know how to explain it. This year has not been the year that I was hoping or expected to be, but I don't think anyone could have predicted this. I'm trying to finish strong! 

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

4 Things - October 2020

 Each month I am going to share with you 4 things about myself. It's on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Why 4? It's my favorite number. 

My goal is that this become something that we can share and learn about each other. When I started blogging, I was a lot easier than it is now. I felt like it was more community and getting to know people. Sometimes I feel blogging now is all promotion. Don't get me wrong I'll be promoting stuff on here too much I want it to be bigger than that. 

I want to get to know you. Not just the big stuff but the little stuff too. 

I have had a blog since 2009. 

My blog/website/space (whatever you want to call it) has been named so many different things over the past 11 years. Some years I didn't write, some years I was super consistent. Do regret not being consistent, but baseball moves took over my life. It was first more of a Christian blog. I came back to the church after many years away. I was in a really dark spot in my life. So it was a way to journal through it. I actually never intended for people to see it. 

Then it became what a lifestyle blog (before blogs were put into categories). I had just gotten engaged, and we have family all over the US. So we wanted to use it as a space to share our lives. Then I went to my name. When I changed it to my name I didn't write very much. That was probably the least favorite. I didn't have any goals or direction.

Next was The Fitness Gypsy. I wanted it to be a travel fitness blog. I miss this the most. I should have been more committed to the name. I LOVE the name, but I was so WORRIED about offending people with the name gyspy. Now I am at Jessa Olson Wellness. Everything fitness, wellness, and lifestyle

Extremely Organized. 

Everything has to have it's perfect spot in my bag, car, desk, etc. I can not work in clutter. Which has been a struggle since I do work from home a few days a week. I am having to learn how to turn my back and focus on the space I am in. 

My planner HAS TO BE color coded or else all the black or blue overwhelms me. I know it can drive my husband crazy, because we have so many pens around the house. 

Heisman Barkley Olson

He is our half Dachshund and half Jack Russell. We got him our first Christmas together. He is seriously the best pup ever. My biggest regret with him is not introducing him to more dogs when he was a pup. He does not like other dogs, but people he loves. 

He is named after the Heisman Trophy. Matt Barkley when he was playing at USC. During the fall, we obviously watch college football. When the announcers make a comment that he is a Heisman candidate he'll look to the TV. It's super funny and cute. 

I love to crochet. 

This is a hobby that I wish I am more consistent at doing. I learned to crochet maybe 10 years ago. I only crochet things without a pattern because I am so sporadic. My favorite is earwarmers or headbands. 

I attempted to have an Etsy store about 7 years ago. I was encouraged by another blogger I was friends with at the time, I actually really loved it. I didn't have a plan for it. During quarantine I decided to relaunch the business. I'll be sharing more about that later. 

Friday, October 2, 2020

October Goals

 Seriously, how it already October. September seems like a blur. I worked hard to create solid rituals and routines this summer. Then this past month I did absolutely nothing. All of my goals, routines didn’t matter and I watched a ridiculous amount of TV. I got sluggish and my brain and body went back into the easy habits. 

The beginning of September I was in a really dark place with my anxiety. I put so much pressure on myself for a certain situation because I wanted out of another situation. I know it’s super cryptic but not ready to give full details yet. But I realized during that time I had been focusing so much on my professional life and not enough in my personal. A goal for the future is working on separation between personal and professional life. Not being in the professional or business mindset ALL THE TIME. Which is really hard because I am launching 2 more business in October. 

It’s crazy that we are in the LAST 3 months of 2020. I feel so lost and confused on my goals. It’s mostly because I haven’t spend time defining my goals. It’s easy to write the goals down but I failed to create a plan to accomplish those the goals. I’m debating on purchasing power sheets this year and digging deep into that but I also feel guilty spending money on paper things. I go back and forth between doing everything electronic or paper based. (Not sure why I feel it has to be 100% one or the other, but I expect a blog post to come from this debate.)

In September I wanted to accomplish:

  • Finish watching Dave Ramsey Videos -  DONE!! Gary and I were out for dinner and I brought this up to him. He said we finished them a few months ago.
  • Workout: Strength Training 3x/week and Cardio 4x/week - FAIL!! I mostly did cardio because I wanted to prep for RowHouse. We are finally open, and I wanted to be amazing for that! I have the workout written.
  • Read: At least 1 hour - FAIL!! I also realized that I need to do this daily. Part of August and September I felt stagnant and it didn’t feel good. Reading is huge for me. Even if I am learning it’s still a self care for me. My brain needs to have that! 
  • Create a Financial Budget: KINDA!! We need to sit down and discuss things more but we have a good foundation. The major win for this month was putting everything into mint and seeing it from there. Not to go too personal, but Gary and I have different ways to learning and doing the budget. I love mint because I can sort into categories and see where our money is going. He likes the pen and paper way. He also does it in a way that makes ZERO sense to me. We have had several disagreements, but we have learned that we both get to the same number and that’s what really matters! 
  • Blog 10x in September: FAIL!! I only blogged twice, which is a major fail! I have sat down and created a editorial calendar for the rest of the year. Now I just need to write them out. This is also where I need to get organized with everything! 
  • Get Email Set up: KINDA!! I have my email marketing company picked out and I have worked on a few emails. Now I just need to send them out. 
  • Complete Powersheets: FAIL! I filled out every line in my powersheets which was really empowering for August, but then my anxiety happened. There was a whole week in September I was in a horrible headspace, and couldn’t recover. 
Recap of September: 
Looking at everything on paper it looks like September was a fail, but I actually learned so much about myself. Which makes it a win for me! September was a month that I learned more about myself as a person and how to move forward.

In October I want to accomplish: 
  • Workout: Strength Training 3x/week and Cardio 3x/week with Saturday as a active recovery day. Cardio is going to be Couch to 5K.
  • Financial Budget: More in control of finances by checking it our money weekly. 
  • Blog 12x this month: Monday is Wellness, Wednesday is Workout, and Friday is Lifestyle. 
  • Powersheets: Fill every line with something to accomplish and at the end of the month it filled out whether or not I complete it. 
  • Everything be launched: Everything in the “secret project” I talked about on Instagram be launched and done. (Not perfect but done)

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

4 Things - September 2020

 Each month I am going to share with you 4 things about myself. It will be on the 4 Tuesday of every month! What's with all the 4s? It's my favorite number. 

I've been married 9 years. 

My husband and I have been married for 9 years. We got married in April 2011. The same weekend as the Prince William and Dutchess Kate. It's was also the same weekend as the NFL Draft. We have wedding photos of the girls watching the Royal Wedding, and the guys watching the Draft. 

I wanted to be a music teacher. Music was my first major in college.

In high school, I loved music. I wanted to be a music teacher, because I had the BEST music teachers. I wanted to be just like them. I went to a college in Arkansas that the best music program in the state. I hated it. I wanted to experience everything college, and the music department wanted to me be all music all the time. Because I wanted to socialize with other groups, they made my life miserable. The best thing that happened before I left we had audition for concert band. I got really high and beat out a bunch of people that were rude to me. It was great, but I left before the spring semester. 

I'm a personal trainer.

I got certified as a personal trainer 4 years ago. I have been taking clients by word of mouth, but I am now spreading out and ACTUALLY promoting myself. I also teach group fitness in different areas around the Valley. Despite not being into fitness most of my life, I am really enjoying it. I love talking to people, and helping them reach their fitness goals. 

I'm fiercely loyal. 

I am loyal to a fault. Sometimes too loyal that I need to stand up for myself or cut ties with people. But I can't. I want to see the good in people, and they had a bad day or something else. 

I want to know something about you. Leave it in the comments. 

Friday, September 18, 2020

My Beginning Thought of Bible Study Fellowship

 A few goals of mine have been to read the Bible all the way through, and be deeper in my faith. Deeper in my faith means believing it both in my heart and my mind. I can remember twice that I have truly felt this way. The first was right before I was about to graduate college and when we first moved to West Virginia. I felt it most when we visited a friend in Michigan. 


Bible Study Fellowship is international bible study. Each group meets on a different day and time based on what works in your life. They have day and night with and without child care. The child care is an option is a age based version of what the adults are doing in their study. Each year the study changes - the options are Genesis, People of the Promised Land 1 and 2, Isaiah, Matthew, John, Romans, Revelation, Moses, Acts and Letters of the Apostles 1 and 2. 

This year is Genesis. Normally each week starts off with your small group going over questions from the past week. After small group is lecture preparing us the week ahead. When you leave you’re giving a booklet about 10-15 pages. The notes are the first part of the booklet. It depends on the week, then the last 2 pages are questions. There are 5 days of questions with each day being 2 or 3 questions. And these questions make you think! It is not something that you can do in 15-20 minutes. 


The first time I did Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) was when I was living in Tulsa. I don’t remember how I heard about it, but I really enjoyed it. It has been awhile and I believe that the first time I we did John. (I honestly can’t remember.) I didn’t finish  the whole season. I think I joined half way into the year. 

The second time I did BSF was my last year in college, again I only did half of it. I graduated in December then never joined a joined in group where I was. I loved this group of ladies. It was a few ladies from each age demographic and varies stages in their faith life. I learned so much from these ladies, and wish I still keep in touch with them. 

The third time I did it was in Washington. I only stopped because we moved to California. I didn’t join a group in California because I was trying to find another job. I was more focused on getting settled than joining another group. I want to say it was Revelations, but that’s a pure guess. 

This is my fourth group and we are studying Genesis. We had our first get to you meeting last Monday. Since we are in a new time they didn’t send the packets, but I was able to get a copy of all the notes for the year. I’m really stoked that I was able to get the whole year just in case something happens. 


I’m really excited for this year because I struggle with the beginning books of the Bible. I am looking forward to actually finishing a study. I really love BSF because I want to get deeper and more spiritual in my faith. I also really love the amount in knowledge that each study has which fulfills my need to know everything. 

I am a little nervous that it is Genesis. I was really hoping that it was Romans or Isaiah. This one was probably towards the end of my list, but I am going in with an open mind. I know that I am here for a reason with this particular study. 


Minus the obvious goal to finish. 

Another goal is to develop and coming into a good morning routine and bible study time before I start my day. 

When I read the Bible I know it to be true in my head, but I really want it to be true in my heart. I want to be anchored in the Bible and it’s truth. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

September Goals

Seriously, how it is September! I know it's so cliche and everyone is saying it BUT it's so true!! I have been stuck at home since July 13th, and ready to get back to some sense of normal. I don't think things will ever be the normal like we are use to for a LONG time if ever.

Update on Life:
I'm still furloughed. I am working on some secret project that have started to fulfill me more. I am miss interacting with people. I miss the face to face interactions. I live for Thursday when I go to San Jose for RowHouse. I haven't heard anything from my bosses on when we can go back to work (or any updates), but I live in California. I saw a tweet from another fitness professional saying that it would be December 12th by the time gyms would open based on current trends. (He lives in LA, but everything seems based on their number. Even though I live Northern California)

In August I want to accomplish: 

  • Finish watching Dave Ramsey financial videos
    • FAILED! We haven't watched the videos since July. I think we only have 3 left. 
  • Complete my vision board
    • DONE! I have my pinterest board, but now I want to make collage to put on my desk, and screensavers. 
  • Submit video for RowHouse
    • DONE! And I PASSED!! I am officially a RowHouse North San Jose coach. I'll also be a visiting coach for Pleasanton. 
  • Read (not listen) 1 hour a day
    • DONE! I didn't keep very good track on this, but I think I read everyday. 
  • Workout: Cardio 3x Strength 3x
    • FAILED!! I was so focused on my rowing. 
  • Morning & Evening Routine
    • DONE! Feels good have ritual and routine in place. 
  • Special Project: Not ready to discuss with anyone
    • DONE! Everyday I worked on something towards one (if not all) my secret projects. 

In September I want to accomplish: 

  • Finish watching Dave Ramsey Videos
  • Workout: Strength Training 3x/week and Cardio 4x/week
  • Read: 1 hour at least
  • Create financial budget
  • Blog 10x this month
  • Get email list set up. 
  • Complete everything on Powersheet
What are your goals for September? 

Monday, August 31, 2020

Deadlift Challenge

Deadlift Challenge

Next 30 days focusing on mastering the deadlift. I love doing deadlifts because it works so many muscle groups. 

There are so many ways to do a deadlift. This challenge can do be done however you want to get them done. 

Types of Deadlifts:
Single Leg Deadlift 

Monday, August 24, 2020

Signs Your Losing Weight

Why is the scale still the same? I have been working out everyday this week.

I get this question all the time. I have been eating right, been working and the scale still isn’t moving. There are so many things going on beside the number on the scale. There are so many factors going on.

I understand where you are coming from because the scale has always seen to dictate if we are losing weight or not. I can relate because I am a numbers person. I want to put in the work and see the physical proof that it is working. If not, I want to understand what I need to do better to reach my goal.

There are so many other ways to see you are losing weight or that your fitness plan is working:

1. Clothes fit loosely. One of my favorite tips on this is grab a shirt, pants, whatever doesn’t fit comfortable. Or something you haven’t worn in a while. Use this as your gauge. How is it fitting now?

2. Take a picture. You don’t have to share them unless you want to. Sometimes you can’t see the changes your body is making. Have someone take a 2-3 different shots. My favorite is from the front, from the back, and the side. Try to wear the same thing each time. You’ll need to see the difference with your own eyes.

3. Take measurements. Set a time that you take measurements and make it the same time. I like in the morning before I eat breakfast. Typical measurements are: Chest, Waist, Hips, Thigh, Arm. Some will add: Calf, Neck. When taking measurements, measure one side of the body with all the pressure on the other side. For example, I measure on my left side so I put all the weight on the right side of the thigh and arm measurements. I chose the left side because I am right handed, and usually that it is going to be bigger because I prefer that side.

4. Feel Stronger. This is where keeping a fitness journal can come in handy. Keeping track of how much you lift will show progress. The scale might not be moving but you’re body is changing. Celebrate that success!!

5. More Energy. Sleeping Better. Both of these are qualities of a good workout. You have more energy during the day so you tend not to reach for bad food choices mid afternoon. On the other side you are sleeping better at night.

Friday, August 14, 2020

My thoughts of ACE Certified Personal Training Certification

I have been a trainer 2017. When I decided to become a personal trainer it came down to 2 different certifications. I actually researched so much about what certification I wanted to get a certification that I could take anywhere with me. (Hello baseball life) In the end I thought American Council of Exercise (ACE) was the best fit.


When I was deciding on becoming a trainer I was working as an Admissions Representative in the for profit sector. I liked my job of helping people but I wanted something different. So I didn't know much about fitness, and wanted a program that was going to help me. It came down between ACE and another agency. I decided I would start with ACE because of the monthly payments and access to information. ACE has monthly interest free payments. Now most programs do but 4 years ago they didn't. I love how ACE does interest free payments. I chose the most expensive plan because it offered the most amenities. I wanted to get as much information as I could.

I started to study online before I got the books. I read the first chapter and was so excited about new career path. In the first chapter ACE mentions that it should take about 3 months to get certified if you study about 10 hours a week. I planned out about 6 months to take the test. I know that I am horrible at taking test, so I gave myself more studying time.

My breakdown was 1 chapter each week, ideally. But I gave myself grace on chapters that needed more time. (I’m looking at your anatomy) My process was to read the chapter. Then online I took the quiz. ACE has it set up that you had to get at least 70% to pass the chapter. After the quiz, you can go back and see which ones you missed. They give you the page number to go back and read. I took my physical book and bend the corner of the book to go back and review.

If you need someone to help you more, you can call/email/online chat. I did this a few times, and honestly it depends on who you get. I called in the first time and they just told me to read the book. The answer was there. I felt defeated because I just wasn’t getting it. I called back on a different topic and talked to someone different, and they were extremely helpful. They made sure that I understood the topic and a variety of situations that could arise.

One thing that I would say was hard for me during my studying is I was already working in the fitness industry. I was seeing things that didn’t align with the book. For example, ACE says new trainers struggle with what: getting new clients over marketing, their own works, and 2 other possible answers. I ALWAYS would respond sales/marketing because that is what I was seeing. The gym I worked out the trainers just expected to be given clients. They had ZERO problems getting their own workouts. But for ACE it was getting their own workouts. New trainers have trouble getting in their own workouts. So you have to just go with what the book says.

The Test

To set up the exam, you’ll do that through the ACE portal. You need to make sure you are CPR certified.  Once you get the facility to take the exam, you have to leave everything in the car or some places have lockers. ACE provides everything in detail on what to expect. So I didn’t bring anything with me. The weirdest rule for me was my jacket couldn’t have any pockets. 

The test is 3 hours long with 125 questions. (100 questions are graded, 25 are sample questions and not graded.) They will give you scrap paper if you need it. One place gave me a white board. You’ll put in your information, and the computer will ask 2-3 times if you are ready. Once you enter the exam you have 3 hours and you can’t stop it. Even if you go to the restroom your time is still going. 

My strategy for the test was go through and answer all questions on first instinct. If I was unsure I flagged the question to come back later. After I answered I went back to the flagged questions, and read through the question and answers slowly. Then used process of elimination to answer the question. Sometimes I thought 2 of them could be in answer, but had to think what is the BEST answer. After that I went back to the beginning and read every question and did a tally system. On one of the pages I put yes, no, unsure. I would mark a tally for each question. I would use all 3 hours. After the 3 hours, the test will stop and you’ll need to check mark a few things. Then the computer will tell you if you passed or failed. 

ACE is broken up into 4 categories, and the person at the front will give you a print out. It will give you percentages of how you did in each category. If you pass, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ll get the paper copy of your certificate in a few weeks. If you didn’t, you can resign up for another test. It is $125 for any retest unless you purchased the package that has a retake test.

For my first certification in the fitness industry I enjoyed it. Fitness is a second career choice for me, so I was just taking all the information in to apply it to my clients. I loved all the learning tools that ACE has to help you study. I recommend ACE Certified Personal Training to anyone who is interested in becoming a personal trainer. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

How to Have the Best Workout

Just because I am trainer and work at gym doesn't means I have my workouts or days planned. Honestly I usually don't. I struggle with coming up with workouts to keep myself entertained. I can get bored pretty easily. I struggle with working out everyday after I have been at the gym all day. I don't consider teaching the classes as my workouts. I am focused on giving my clients the best workout. 

These are some tips that have worked for me when I am in a funk: 

1. Write it down. 

If i just write workout then I usually don't do it, but if I write the work out I'm more likely to do it. In the past I've been good with looking at my phone, but lately loving printed workouts. 

2. Plan your workouts. 

This can mean muscle specific workouts or total body workouts. I do more total body or hiit style workouts. Gary prefers muscle specific. Try both out to see what you like. 

3. Know your strengths: 

I am much more productive in the mornings than I am in the nights. So I work out in the morning. 

4. Drink water: 

Make it a game. Add flavor. Ideally you want to have half your body weight in ounces. If you are 150 pounds shoot for 75 ounces of water. I suggest working up to this amount if you this is a big number to you. 

5. Accountability Partner: 

Gary and I go to the gym together. In the past we have been horrible accountability partners, but now we are on a good path. 

6. Have fun: 

The workouts should be something that you want to do. When I am designing a workout. I always double check to see if they will enjoy doing some of the exercises. 

7. Rest/Cheat Days: 

I try to have two rest and cheat days. I try to not have mine consecutively because that's just a slippery slide for me to stop going. 

8. Eat: 

Eat something. I try to eat 3-4 meals/snacks per day. Sometimes its more and sometimes it's less. I log my food into MyFitnessPal to help see how much I am eating. If the bag says 1 serving I usually put down 1 1/2. I overestimate what I eat most of the time. 

9. Set out clothes: 

If I know that I am working out in the am then I try to sleep in my workout clothes. If I am working out at night after work then I try to have them ready to go in my workout bag. 

Everyday is different and don't compare yesterdays workout to todays. Do the best you can for the workout you are doing. 

Monday, August 10, 2020

How to Create a Vision Board

Being in quarantine I have been able to accomplish a lot. Some days are better than others, but I would say I'm making strides to become the person I want to be. It's easy to lose sight of whats really important when working crazy hours and putting others before yourself.

During the quarantine I have been doing all sorts of things on self development. I did a bunch of personality and enneagram tests, astrology, etc. Whatever to better understand myself for the future.
One of my favorite things I did was create a vision board of the person I want to be at the end of quarantine.

This wasn't something that I did in one day. It actually took me about a week, but I wanted it to align with my goals both personally, professionally, and philanthropically. I chose to do electronic because I want to be able to see anywhere I go. I have seen paper vision boards with newspaper/magazine clippings, stickers, etc. (Also we have 700 sq ft apartment that seems to be getting smaller and smaller each day of this quarantine.

A Vision Board is a creative process to set clear intentions and goals for what you want in your life to  grow and transform yourself.

To start a vision board:
1. Create a Pinterest board and make it private.

2. Organize your thoughts
Get clear on your goals. Goals are in all aspects of our life - friends, family, relationships, career, fitness, well-being, finances, life, hobbies, home, travel,
TIP: Don't rush this step. Think about it all aspects of your life and who you really wanted to be or do. This should be something you feel, and see yourself embody.

3. Collect Images for your Vision Board
In the search bar, put words or phrases, images, colors, patterns of things that you want to accomplish or that inspire you. For example, I want to live in an RV. At first it was because my husband worked in baseball and we were moving so often to me it made sense. Let's get an RV and make monthly payments towards that instead of all these down deposits, etc. Now I see if as living simple. Living with less, and that has become important to me. So I would look for a photo on Pinterest that's similar to the one i want.
TIP: It's great to have material things, but also include how to do you want to feel.

4. Create Your Vision Board
After you have enough images that represent who you are and what you want to accomplish. it's time to create the board. I love Canva, but there are so many apps available to help arrange the photos. Canva is great because if you have the upgraded version you can format it any size. This will be nice when you are want to display it.
TIP: CanvaPro or magazines to create your vision board

5. Displaying your Vision Board
Now the board is done you should place it where you constantly see it. Currently, I have my smaller version of my vision board on my apple watch. Every time I take a look it reminds of what my goals are. It also brings things back to focus for me.

It's important that you don't all the work and then place it in the closet or just forget about it. Place it somewhere that's important to you. Look at it daily. Feel each image like you have already accomplished it.

I often use my vision board when doing visualization exercises in the morning. I visualize myself in the RV, travelling and being my own boss. Imagine this is already your life.

What's on your vision board?

Monday, August 3, 2020

August Goals

Seriously how it is August already. This year has gone by so fast! Does anyone else feel this way? I feel that I shouldn’t be saying it’s going by so fast because thinking back on everything. I don’t think that I have accomplished very much. Granted, a global pandemic is going on but I still feel unfulfilled.

I’m so thankful that I was able to go back to work part of June and July, but I am furloughed once again. Not sure when I will be able to go back to work. I did realize how much I do enjoy working.

In July I wanted to accomplish:

  • Cardio Everyday: FAIL! Which is going to be tough because I have a lot of runs in the next few months. 
  • Organize Files: COMPLETE!! Cleaned out and organized Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox
  • Wake up Everyday at 5am: FAIL! I don’t think this is a reasonable goal. I am going to push it up back until 6am. I’m not giving up on it entirely, but in this season of my life definitely. 
  • Read or listen to a book Everyday: I listened on audible almost everyday. 
July Accomplishments
(Things that I didn’t have planned, but glad that I accomplished.)
  • Deep cleaned our apartment: I cleaned the apartment like we weren’t moving out. Cleaned and got rid of things. 
  • Journaled more: I’m sure that I will do a blog post but baseball wife life. (IYKYK)
In August I want to accomplish: 

  • Finish watching Dave Ramsey financial videos
  • Complete my vision board
  • Submit video for RowHouse
  • Read (not listen) 1 hour a day
  • Workout: Cardio 3x Strength 3x
  • Morning & Evening Routine
  • Special Project: Not ready to discuss with anyone. 

What do you have planned for August? 

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Push Up Challenge

Next 30 days we are doing pushups. It’s a gradual increase ending with 100 pushups. 

Doesn’t matter how you do the pushups as long as you get them done. 

There are a variety of ways to do pushups. If getting on the ground is a challenge for you, start with up against the wall. As that become easier gradually get lower to the ground. A good progression would be up against the wall, back of the couch or kitchen counter, edge of the bed, floor on your knees, then on your toes. 

Monday, July 6, 2020

July Goals

I finally got to go back to work. Which was a much needed break after being furloughed for 10 weeks. During quarantine I did a lot of work on myself, and planning what my day would be like when I returned to work. I haven't followed any of it, but I have learned strategies that work and don't work for me. So it hasn't been a complete waste.

In June I wanted to accomplish:
  • Cardio Everyday: I did cardio a majority of the day. I do need to be more consistent in cardio because I have a few races coming up. 
  • Workout: I was much better with the consistency of my workouts. 
  • Blog at least 8 times this month: I blogged 6 times in June. Even though it wasn't 8, I am still proud of this number. 
  • Hire a Business Coach: I haven't hired a coach, but will in the future.
  • Morning/Evening Routine: Morning routine is good, but evening routine could use some work. It's all about progress. 
  • Read 3 books: I didn't read any books. 
  • Launch YouTube Channel: Didn't do anything towards YT channel. It's still something on my radar. 
In July I want to accomplish: 
  • Cardio Everyday
  • Organize Files
  • Wake up Everyday at 5am
  • Read or Listen to a book for a hour daily
What do you want to accomplish in July? 

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

July Squat Challenge

July Challenge Squat
July 1 - July 31
Increasing Reps

Who: Anyone!! Let's start moving our body! 

What: Squats. Anytime of squats work. 

Where: Anywhere. Can be done all at one time or throughout the day! Whatever work for you. Just get them done. 

When: All of July

How: Squats can be done in a variety of ways. Bodyweight Squat, Goblet, Suitcase, Plie. 

Don't Forget: #JessaOlsonWellness and tag me on social media. 

Thursday, June 18, 2020

How to do a Body weight Squat

Squats are a staple lower body exercise. They hit every muscle group from the core to your feet. Plus, there are a variety of squats to never get bored. I recommend doing body weight squats to start then add weight.

If you aren't warmed up, I suggest a few minutes of squat movement. I personally love doing squat stretch to start my workout.

My favorite to start is a Squat Hold or Squat Stretch.

**Picture of Squat hold down, and squat hold with butt in the air.

1. To start, shoulders over hips over knees and ankles.
2. Forward fold to touch your toes. Hands can be either on your feet or on either side. Bend your knees if needed.
3. Push your glute up towards the ceiling to straight leg.
4. Do 10 repetitions. Repeat 3 times.

Basic Body-Weight Squat

**Picture of Start squat, and squat is lowest position.

1. To start, feet hip to shoulder width apart. Feet slightly turned out.
2. Lower as if you are going to sit down on a chair. Go as low as you can.
3. Push through your heels. Weight should be middle of your feet and heel.
4. Squeeze your glute to return to starting position.
5. Do 10 repetitions. Repeat 3 times.

Tips when doing your squat: 

  • Keep your chest up
  • Neutral Spine - Flat back and not rounded
  • Core Engaged
  • Don't let you knees fall inward. Your knees should stay parallel with your ankles. 
  • Knees and toes move in the same direction. 
  • Avoid having most of your weight in your toes or ball of feet. 

Once you have mastered these 2 moves, you can move on to different types of squats.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Tips to Drink More Water

Tips to drink more water:
  1. Find a favorite reuseable water bottle. If you picked it out, and love it then you'll be more likely to drink from it. I have a pink hydroflask and it has helped me drink more water. 
  2. Add flavor. This can be either fruits, powders or flavored. If you add lemon and cucember it will help with digestion. My favorite is ON Amino Energy. 
  3. Drink before every meal. Our bodies can't tell between thirst and hunger. If hungry, try drinking at least 8oz of water. Still want food eat. Also while waiting for food drink water. You won't eat as much. 
  4. Invest in a filter. I am self proclaimed water snob. I'm very particular about my water. (You can not convince me all water is the same.)
  5. Never have an empty bottle or class. Anytime my water is almost gone I fill it up. If it's empty I am more likely grab a soda. 
  6. Add ice. It's actually better for your body to have warm water because it takes more work for your body, but I have to have ICE COLD water. 
  7. Drink half your body in ounces every day. If you weigh 200 pounds, try to drink 100 ounces of water. 
  8. Set reminders. I have a client who sets alarms several times throughout the day. When the alarm goes off they'll finish their drink, and refill it. Some alarms are at time they normally would eat a snack, but have replaced it with drinking water. 
  9. Use an app. This will help you keep track of your water intake.  
  10. Drink from a straw. You typically drink water from straw than having to open your bottle every time. 
What tips are you going to implement? 

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

How to Create and Use Affirmations Daily?

Affirmations are slowly becoming my favorite part of my morning routine. At first I was skeptical on affirmations and do they really work. It's really hard for me to explain why I didn't like or want to affirmations. I felt they were maybe chatting or like humble brags. I gave it a shot anyways with an open mind.

When I first started working on my morning routine I would mentally and verbally say these affirmations. I would use them during my visualization and mediation. Now I write them down at least 5 times in a notebook.

What is an affirmation? 

A statement of a quality you possess or want to possess usually in the present tense.

Some say it has to be long, but I actually like short and concise. I am someone who suffers from anxiety, and can be triggers in 

Why are affirmations important?

Our body needs to be told things at least 1000 times before it becomes a habit. It can be done thinking, saying, and doing but it has to be done over and over.

Just like goals I have noticed that it my affirmations are specific towards me  and my goals I am more likely to repeat them over and over. Saying "I am awesome!" is great but I can't track it or know when I am get there or accomplish that affirmation.

How to write affirmations that work? 

Most of my affirmations are I am, but you can choose from anything present tense. 
I allow myself..
I choose to be...

I suggest that you don't have a lot of affirmations to start. Our brains can't handle many tasks at once. I only use 3-5 affirmations depending on the day. I have a financial, professional, personal affirmation that I repeat daily. 

Where (and When) can you use affirmations? 

The great thing about affirmations is they can be done anywhere or anytime. When I am feeling anxious I will say affirmation to myself over and over focusing on my breath. If I am getting nervous about situation or event I will say it quietly out-loud to myself.

I also like doing my affirmations in the morning and writing them over and over in a notebook. When we lived in Arizona we had a spare bedroom that I used to get ready in the morning, we had a mirror on the closet door. I used one side as my affirmations. So every morning when I was getting ready I could see them. 

My affirmations: 

  1. My strength is greater than any struggle.
  2. I am getting stronger everyday. 
  3. I have everything to be successful in this moment. 
  4. I am enough. 
  5. I am at peace with my past. I am in love with my present. I am excited for my future. 
  6. Money is unlimited resource & it is always flowing my way. 
Do you use affirmations? What's yours? 

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Cheat Sheet for Gym Lingo

When starting to workout some of the terminology can be confusing. Some also use words interchangeably which is also confusing.

Some basic working out terms:

  • lbs. or pounds: How much something weights. 
  • Sets: usually #x# (3x10). It's how many rounds do it an exercise. 
  • Reps or Repetitions: #x#. It's how many times to do an exercise. 
  • Barbell (BB): Weights on either side of a long steel bar. 
  • Dumbbell (DB): Small handheld weight
  • Freeweights: Barbell, Dumbbell, Plates. Anything not connected to a machine. 
  • AMRAP: As Many Rounds As Possible. 
    • The workout might say: 5 Squats, 7 pushups, 10 Burpees for 5 minutes AMRAP. So you'll do the exercise in order as many rounds as you can in the time frame. 
  • Plyo or Plyometrics: Explosive movements. 
    • Examples: Box Jumps, Burpee, Broad Jumps
  • HIIT or High Intense Interval Training: It's short burst of usually cardio work with a recovery to follow. I personally love doing 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest.  You should be working so hard that you'll need that 15 seconds of rest. You shouldn't be able to any active recovery. 
  • Tabata: Some use HIIT, Tabata, and Interval Training Interchangeably but Tabata is 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds. 
  • Interval Training: Is similar to the HIIT and Tabata, but there is a mixture of low and high intensity. 
  • DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness: Usually happens 2 days after the workout
  • Endurance: How long you can do you something. An example of an endurance style workout is 5x20 of an exercise with light weight. Light weight varies for everyone so I cue it as a weight you could do all day if you had to. 
  • Strength: How heavy you can lift. Heavy is a relative term so I recommend an weight you could do less than 10 times. 
  • Circuit Training: A group of exercises done in order based on a set time or rounds. 
    • The workout would say: 5 squats, 7 pushups, 10 burpess for 3 rounds. You would do each exercise in order for a total of 3 rounds. 
  • Supersets: 2 exercises back to back with no rest. Rest happens at the end of the 2nd exercise. I like when supersets are working opposing muscle groups like the workout example below. 
    • Example: pushup followed by bent over row. Chest exercises followed by back.
  • Compound Set: 2 or more exercises done together with no break or rest. 
    • Example: Squat to curl to press

What are other terms that are confusing? 

Monday, June 1, 2020

June Goals

Seriously how is it June 1st. I feel like April and May just flew by. I have been laid off since March 18. I knew it was a matter of time because I work in a gym and live in California. I wanted to let my time off be a time of productivity. For my mental health I need a list to keep me busy. I also have a lot of things that I want to accomplish. I wanted to get more organized so whenever I do go back to work everything has a system in place.

May was a month of focus on things that I want to accomplish and why I am not getting them done. May I focused on my professional goals.

In May I wanted to accomplish:

  • Workout 2x day: I wasn't as consistent as I wanted to be, which was M-F with 2 workouts a day. But I did work out twice a day a majority of the month. So that's a win for me. 
  • Finish 2 books: I did finish 2 books, BUT they weren't the 2 books I thought. When I was first 2 weeks of being laid off, I made a list of books I had that I wanted to finish reading. I was good for a while then I started added books again. I wish I could get paid to read books all day. 
  • Post on IG 3x/week and stories everyday: Posting I failed at. Stories was good. Stories and talking into the camera is a big insecurity for me. So I'm trying to get over that. Growing up everyone had some sort of opinion or comment about my voice, which made me insecure for a while. 
  • Blog 2x/week: I blogged about once a week. So another fail, but I am happy with the progress. Something is better than nothing. 
  • Create systems: I accomplished this goal. I feel good about where I am with this. 

My June Goals:
  • Cardio Everyday: Walk, Jog, or Run at least 1 mile. By the end of June would love to run 1 mile nonstop or without pain in my knees. #StreakingwiththeCOOLKIDS
  • Workout: I want to continue with the multiple times a day. 
  • Blog at least 8 times this month: 
  • Hire a Business Coach: I have talked with a few just need to figure out the details. 
  • Morning/Evening Routine: 
  • Read 3 books: 
  • Launch YouTube Channel: 

What's your goals for June? 

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Home Gym Essentials

Working out at home is acquired taste. I have always enjoyed working out at home or anywhere that’s not a gym. It wasn’t until I started working at gym that I worked out a gym. Baseball life is hectic, so why have the extra expense.

I strongly believe that you can workout anywhere. You don’t need a lot of equipment. 

Here are some of the essentials: 
Resistance Bands: I have both small and large resistance bands. The smaller fit around my thighs, and the larger ones that almost as tall as I am. I personally like the smaller ones, but find what works best for you. 

Dumbbells: I would recommend a variety of weights. I really want to get the one that has the adjustable weights. I have a bunch of smaller weights for barre and Pilates. 

Kettlebells: These are my favorite to workout because I often use kettlebells in exchange for dumbbells. Plus there are so much more workouts you can do with kettlebells as well. 

TRX: This was one of the first things I purchased. You can hang it practically anywhere. The best thing about TRX is YOU control how hard or easy you want the workout. IF you want harder step closer towards the anchor, and easier step away from the anchor. 

Outside: If the weather is right you can go outside. I am fair weather walker/jogger/runner. I don’t like to run a lot of different elements. It’s also free, so you can’t beat that if you are on budget. 

Jump Rope: Again if you are on a budget this is a good one. It’s a workout that it harder than it looks. 

Bodyweight Exercises: There are some exercises that are will get your heart rate up. For example, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, and squat jumps. Anything plyo or jumping will raise the heart rate. 

Peloton: I personally haven’t used it, but from most of the reviews that I have read it’s a good deal. 

Treadmill: I don’t have a specific brand, but in the gyms that I have worked at life fitness has been a good brand. 

Battle Ropes: It is a good total body workout if you can get these. 

Rower Machines: I would love a rower at my place. Rower machines are cardio, but another form of ultizing every muscle group. 

Yoga Mats: For me I haven’t found a yoga mat that I can’t live without. I usually get mine at TJMAXX. People have said lululemon and Manduka are great. 

Foam Roller: I have a variety of different types. I have the typical black foam roller. I also have accessory pieces as well. I have a spike rock ball and smooth. I often tell clients that they can use softball or lacrosse balls as well. 

This is just a basic beginner set. You can always add more for details, but this a great start if you are wanting to create your own home gym.

What do you have at home? What do you wish you had?

Thursday, May 7, 2020

My Thought on Online TRX Certification

TRX announced a few weeks ago that they are doing free online certification for their suspension training course. The TRX is one of my favorite pieces of equipment to use. I have been wanting to get certified for a while. So when I found it was FREE and ONLINE. It made my day! And during quarantine it's literally the small things that made my day.

My class was a Saturday and Sunday for 3 hours each day. We started at 10am and ended at 1pm. It was done through zoom. I had 2 instructors. One of Irene McCormick who I ABSOLUTELY love and adore. I actually got to meet her while I was living in Iowa. She just started at the OrangeTheory Fitness in Clive. I use to workout there while living in Iowa. I was also just starting to study for my personal training test, so I would ask her and my OTF coaches all these questions. The other instructor was Renae McCloud. She is based out of Seattle, specifically Bainbridge Island. Renae's cueing is so amazing. I couldn't write down things fast enought.

In the beginning it's a lot of the basics on how to set up the TRX, what everything is called, and the 6-6-3 method. I won't go into too much of the this method, but afterwards I wish they went into this more. There is a test at the end to the continuing education credits (CEC's), and some of the questions about this method that we didn't go over.

My favorite section was the TRX cueing method. This is something I could use some improvement. I can get a little wordy, so the method they use is going to help me so much. Both Irene and Renae gave us some amazing examples on how to better cue.

TRX is based off 7 foundational movements - Plank, Pull, Hinge, Rotate, Push, Squat, and Lunge. TRX believes everything chases the plank. Renae did the this amazing active plank workshop, and I wish I could have written everything down fast enough. She talked about how to activate every muscle in the plank. From taking everything in I have increased my hold time in a plank.

Before going into the learning all the exercises Irene took everyone through a quick workout on the TRX. I would have, but my TRX was connected to my door and I was so afraid I was going to break my door. So I opted out of that but took a lot of great notes on setting up and execution of an exercise.

To start the day two, Renae took us through a mobility and flexibility workout on the TRX. Then continued with the rest of exercises. We did get a little behind from day 1, so day 2 was a little rushed. The great thing with zoom is the chance to ask question in the other instructor was answering them. Towards the end of the day we went over 3 different client scenarios. I really enjoyed this section because it got into the design of the workout. I wish we wrote complete workouts, and not just 1 or 2 exercises.

After the training people at TRX make sure that you were there. I don't know why they don't do it during the webinars. I imagine because of how many people where there. I couldn't see anyone except the instructors. I got an email the next day I could take the exam. After you pass the exam, that's when you got the CEC's and go in their directory. They mentioned The CORE which I think is their paid ongoing subscription. They didn't mention much about it, and after the exam it said The CORE will be relaunching soon. I put my email on the list to know when it opens. I'm not sure if I will get it or not but I'll keep you posted if I do.

The exam is 50 questions. It's open book and no time limit. I took about an hour to finish. I first read all the questions and answered what I thought was the answer. I wrote down the test number if I wasn't sure on the answer. Then went back and checked those answers. Hit Submit, and we'll tell you your percentage. You'll need to score an 80% or higher to get the CEC's. I also liked how TRX showed you the answer you got wrong as well. I'm not sure if anyone else had this happen, but some of my questions were duplicates.

I am really glad that I got this certification. It has been something on my to do list for a long time. I plan on getting other TRX certifications in the future. I liked the online way but think 3 hours for 2 days wasn't enough time. I would either extend to 4 hours or cut out the workouts. With it being online currently, you'll need to know your learning style because there wasn't enough time to do the exercise and write everything. I know that I learn better by writing things down, so I didn't do as much on the TRX. (But again I was afraid I was going to rip it off my door too.)

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

7 Basic Fundamentals of Working Out

When you first start working out it can be quite intimating. Not sure on where to start. Also there is so much information out there. It can be quite overwhelming, and most people leave.

Learning the 5 basic foundations is a great place to start when working out. For me, I work out to enhance my everyday activities. Every day we do these 7 movements:

1. Push
2. Pull
3. Squat/Lunge
4. Hinge
5. Carry
6. Plank
7. Rotate

1. Push Exercises: 
What is a push exercise? The muscle is working when it is being pushed away from your body. 
       Primary Muscle Groups: Chest, Triceps, Quadriceps, calves, and shoulders. 
      Example of Push Exercises: Pushups, Squats, and Shoulder Press

2. Pull Exercises: 
What is a pull exercise? The muscle is working when being pulled towards your body. 
      Primary Muscle Groups: Back, Biceps, Hamstrings, Obliques, and Trapezius.

      Example of Pull Exercises: Pullups, Back Rows, Deadlifts, Rear Shoulders Fly, Bicep Curls

3. Squat/Lunge Exercises: 
What is a squat/lunge exercise? Usually lower body. Start with only doing body-weight and add resistance bands, barbell, free-weights, plyometrics to make it harder. 

Lunge: Works your hips, glutes, hamstring, quadriceps, core, inner thighs.

     Primary Muscle Groups: Quadricepes, Hamstrings, and Glutes. Other muscle groups include: core strength/stability, ankle mobility, back, calves. 

    Examples of Squats: Bodyweight Squat (There are a variety of types of squats, but for the moment let's focus on a tradition basic squats)

    Examples of Lunges: Bodyweight Lunge (Like the squat there are lot of variety, but let's focus on mastering bodyweight forward/backward lunges.)

4. Hinge Exercises:
What is a Hinge Exercise: Targets the posterior chain (your backside). 
     Primary Muscle Groups Include: Lower Back, Glute, Hamstrings. 
     Exercise of Hip Hinge: Wall Hip Hinge, Deadlift, 

    Tip: When first starting out, I would do these in the mirror or video yourself. Make sure you are keeping your back flat, and don't round your shoulders. Start small and work your way getting lower. When I'm working out with clients I start just touching their knees, and as we continue we'll get lower and lower. 

5. Carry Exercises: 
What is a Carry Exercise? Loaded carry with kettlebells, free-weights and move a specific area. Most commonly called Farmers Carry
    Primary Muscle Groups: Deltoids, Obliques, Calves, Glutes, Hip Flexors, Quadriceps, Shoulders, Bicep, Tricep, Forearms, Trapezius
   Exercies of Carry: One Arm Farmers Carry, Loaded Carry, 

6. Plank
What is a plank? A plank is holding your body up with straight lines. 

   Primary Muscle Groups: Abs AND your whole body if you are doing it right. 

   Exercise: There are so many types of planks, but let's start with the basic forearm plank. 

7. Rotate
What is a rotatational exercise? Creating horizontal movement.
    Primary Muscle Group: Obliques
   Exercises for Rotational Movement: Russian Twists, Med Ball Rotational Throw

Here's a workout below to get you started!! 

Friday, May 1, 2020

May Goals

Happy May from Home! I didn't think I would still be working from home right now. I've been working on some new stuff around here, and can't wait to share with everyone! One of things that I am hoping on doing more of is sharing my goals with everyone!

Statistically speaking if you share your goals and have accountability you'll be more likely to achieve goals.

My May 2020 goals are :
  • Workout 2x a day. Morning workout and Evening workout. One will be practicing the different certifications that I am certified in. The other workout will be my personal workout. 
  • Finish 2 books. I recently won an Amazon giftcard and downloaded (and half read) books. 
  • Post a MINIMUM of 3x a week on IG, and EVERYDAY on Stories. 
  • Blog 2x a week. 
  • Finalize my business systems before I have to go back to work. 
What are your goals for May? 

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Why I Became A Personal Trainer

I haven't always been into fitness, but I am so glad that I got certified and been teaching for the past 2 years. Fitness is a second career to choice. When I was in college I wanted to work in sports, and I did work in sports for 3 years. There are so days I miss it, and some days I'm glad to have moved on. I think anyone who knew me growing up wouldn't think I would be fitness instructor.

Growing Up

I was also the REALLY skinny kid growing up. Like I was really skinny. Everyone would ask me if I had a eating disorder. Unfortunately, kids are mean there were several rumors about me with eating disorders. I would say No, I just have a fast metabolism. (No one believed me.) I have always loved photography. I can't remember a time when I didn't have a camera/phone in my hand taking pictures.

In high school I was loved art things. I loved photography, and thought about doing that for a short time. I loved a variety of music was totally into music. I feel like music was my identity during that time. When I graduated high school, I went to Henderson State University with a music major. I wanted to be a music teacher. (I had some of the best music teachers, and wanted to emulate them.) Long story that didn't work out, but I'm ok with that. 


I was still pretty skinny, and not tone. I would work out every now and again, but nothing consistent.
I had a variety of majors in college. I just didn't know what I wanted to be "when I grew up." I started with a music major for a year. Then went into business at a community college with an emphasis in sports and event industry. During that time I loved what I was learning. Then I transferred to Iowa State University to finish up my degree. I actually regret going to ISU, but I was told I needed a bachelor degree. (I could write a whole blog or book about what I thought about college.) I graduated Iowa State with a degree in business especially Marketing with a minor in Journalism and statistics. Myinternships were sports or event related. 

After Graduation

Right before I graduated I met my husband. He worked in sports as well. We tried both working sports, but when we lived in West Virginia there was only 1 team within distance. He worked for that team, and some of the upper management wouldn't let spouses work together. (Even though I was overly qualified for the job.) When we lived in WV, I got some random jobs just to pay the bills. But I also started working with a personal trainer. She thought I would be great at it. It took a while to convince, but I finally looked into more. After reading the first chapter I knew this would be perfect avenue for me.

Working in Baseball

With Gary working in baseball climbing the ladder isn't lineral like within most other professions. Sometimes to climb the ladder to the goal (ours being a GM) is moving. We moved a lot, some think we should stay put for a while but we make decisions together for what we think would be best for the BOTH of us. I'm hoping we stay in our current location for a while, but I'll be fine with moving.

My second career choice was one that I wanted to be able to take with me anywhere. I wanted a skill that I could do anywhere. Because when I lived in WV even though I have a business degree, people wouldn't hire me (and they told me this) because we were going to leave at the end of the season. They didn't want to hire me and then have to train someone else. Even though I told them that's not who it works, they already made up their mind. 

Choosing A Certification

When deciding on a certification, I only was debating between 2 - American Council of Exercise (ACE or National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) At the time these were the 2 most reputable businesses for getting certified. There are so many different certifications companies out there. I suggest reaching where you want to work and what they would like. All my dream job places had ACE on their list, so I went with that one. Also because they had interest free monthly payments. 

Getting a certification should be something that look into all the types and what are you wanting to do with the certification. I have the ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and currently studying for the ACE Group Fitness Instructor Exam. When I was first starting out I thought I wanted/needed everything to be all the same. (I have brand loyalty like no one else.) But looking back I wish I would have got the NASM Personal Trainer and ACE Group Fitness. (I might go back and get that certification but I have a few more years on my ACE certification)


I am working in a few gyms in my area. I have some online clients that I work with through an app called Ladder. Right now, I do more group training, but looking at going more towards the personal training route. With this quarantine time I am focusing on myself, and getting a lot of the systems in order that I have been working on. 

If this was a lot of reading, cliff notes version. I was in sports. I am not anymore. I wanted a career that I could use to travel with my husband with his crazy baseball schedule/life. Now I am trainer. 

If you need any help with your workout routine, plan, or accountability let me know. I also have tons of workouts here if you need ideas. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Getting Back into a Fitness Routine

My workout routine has been hit and miss for the past few months. I took on a few more group fitness classes, and added more online clients. So by the end of the day, I was exhausted and didn't want to do anything for myself. I was giving to everyone, but forgetting the most important person...myself.

With meetings from my life coach, we came to the realization that my foundation was shattered. So I have been focusing right now on getting my foundation stable which also includes getting back into my own fitness routine.

My first piece of advice is acknowledge that we took a break. We can change the past. It happened so let's move forward. Let's focus on the right now! What can we do right now to get back into the routine we want.

Next we should focus on what are our goals? What are you wanting to accomplish. We all know about SMART goals. (Specific. Measureable. Attainable. Relevant. Time Bound.) So one of my goals is to be able do run a half marathon in under 2 hours and 30 minutes by the September 6, 2010. Specific because I'm focused on a running goal. Measurement is the 2 hours and 30 minutes. Attainable because that's just around 11 minute mile which is about what I run now. Which is something I do put a lot of energy and effort into but that will have to change for this run. Relevant because I have been wanting to run more and the Giants Race over the summer has been a great checklist for me. Time Bound because the last run is in September.
You'll need to figure out what your goal? Also post it everywhere. Tell someone to help hold you accountable. Message me I would love to help hold you accountable.

Third get a plan and have some sort of routine to get back into your fitness routine. I would love to help you with your plan, and you can ALWAYS reach out to me. If you have another trainers challenge do that. (I love Danielle Pascente training programs) With the routine we need to write it down or schedule in our planner.

What do you to do get back into a fitness routine?
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